Terminal Dream Show – #04 Saburov


This mix was recorded by Sergey @saburov
We think its about wasting our time in chats and sleeping in front of the computer. Artwork created by @pixelord
Tracklist coming soon

<3 this mix series

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10 years ago today, the first Katamari Damacy was released in Japan:)

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New Mojo Goro EP out on the 30th of April on  Myth-O-Lodge)

Previews up here… https://soundcloud.com/mojogoro/myth002-realism-teaser

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dOOp & Subp Yao - SkippyBallBounce

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Our label is 1 year old today! Honored to work with these talented peeps! http://drtyshdwsprjkt.bandcamp.com/

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